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i don't play well with others

fic; "all of your heroes and saints"

title: All Of Your Heroes And Saints
author: acetamide
artist: ampokris
mixer: ecto_gammat
characters/pairing(s): Kirk/McCoy, background Uhura/Spock
rating: M
word count: 43,250
warnings: AU set in the same time/place where all humans have superpowers.
summary: Leonard McCoy has met so many people in his profession that there isn't a single superpower left that surprises him. Until he meets Jim Kirk.
notes: This was originally my entry for startrekbigbang back in 2009, before I switched to write The One-Eyed Man Is King instead and abandoned this one for five years. Then I ended up re-writing all but about 2000 words when I returned to it. It's been kind of cathartic to finally finish it.
Massive thanks to the amazing people at mynoise.net, who have created sci-fi soundscapes such as this one that got me into writing-mode better than anything else I've ever tried.

the ficthe artthe mix

my fancast for the characters in this fic who haven't featured in the reboot canon yet:

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i don't play well with others

Teen Wolf: A Summary

So there's this show, right, that totallybalanced has forced me to watch?

It's called Teen Wolf, and from the title, you can probably guess what it's about... a teenager who gets turned into a werewolf, and has to deal with everything that follows (as well as his love life, school, and the Alpha Wolf that's moved in and is killing people left right and centre...) From what I've heard, a lot of people watched the pilot some time last summer, thought it was rubbish, and gave in on it.


Yes, the first season is a bit silly and all over the place. Yes, the main character's single-mindedness will start to grate. But somewhere along the line, when you're just waiting for Scott to whine for the thirty-fifth time that episode about Allison or lacrosse, you realise that you're actually really invested in these characters, and they're actually causing you to have real emotions, and why isn't it Monday again yet?

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It also made me desperately want to watch Watership Down again.

SO, totallybalanced is a horrible person and got me watching Teen Wolf because she is terrible about making me watch new things, and I basically consumed all the current episodes in the space of three days.

And I have lots of emotions about it.

And then I saw this beautiful thing yesterday, and started flapping around because I want to write it omg

but instead, this morning, I did this.

(password is sourwolf)

I need to get a grip.